PHOTO of THE dAY!?!!?

Lately I av been having ideas, thoughts of how people operate; their mindset that is…half of the time u think someone is mean towards u, take for example, maybe they don’t pick Ur calls, or reply Ur text, ignore u in church, Bt they really aren’t, especially when u av done nothing wrong, so Ur mind starts to ponder on the little things…u start to remember the things u don did to them that they don’t know about, like that time u threw up in their bathtub or that message an uncle asked u to deliver that u didn’t bcos u forgot, or that money u owed them dt you thought they had forgotten about(and they actually av)….random little things start to taunt Ur mind, and at this point u develop a certain type of anger  towards them, the type I like to call: ‘Mumu anger’ looool…

My solution to dt is to stop thinking like women who generally over think little things n put Ur self in other people’s shoes, before u judge em, and u’ll realize dt people r actually busy, no be their fault if they couldnt put u in their itinerary when it will favor u, you gotta understand dt time is precious…and Life is too short for us not to maximize it….so the next time u need someone’s help, n they nt responding on time, or dem dey do tele tele, just send them Today’s Photo of the Day, iguarantee u, they wee respond speedily!

Also, our Amazing Model; Enobong is nt a smoker, this was just a stunt! U rock Girl! And ShoutOut to @SirTimmyPhotog for letting us shoot Today’s Photo of the Day in his Abuja studio, we had a swell Time, More photos coming soon! Eja Nla!

Did you enjoy the post? Well If u did, am glad…bcos iwrote it while sittin on a white chair…amazing, the thoughts that come to mind When am taking One….lol, ciao

In otherNews we having a Festac Shoot tomao, Models, stylists, MUAs if you down, tweet @waleadenuga or @WA_studioz for the location. Osheey! Eja Nla


5 thoughts on “PHOTO of THE dAY!?!!?

  1. LoL wale you’re a gross ass male. I love the lighting BTW. My Oga at the top. And honestly, why is it I can I relate to this post? Maybe. Its about that time last year that I dint take you up on the kindness you offered me and I felt like a horrible person for a long time. Well more power to you. Maybe one day, you’ll teach me someof these ur lightin’ stunts.

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