Photo OF ThE DAY!? ??

Don’t worry, idont av an awesome comeback post to give you today, av been inconsistent, iwuld Make a Bad company look good right now, bt whatever! We had an Awesome Festac shoot on saturday, Shoutout to @sniper_ajix aka the Second Shooter, @elfizconcept, the Ashewo Model, Ijeoma(Captain of the CoolKidz) aka model/Assistant of Life! @47tweets:…..the 47, lol…The Awesome Model; Mawe, Temi, Ifeoma, Melody, Kola the ArabMoney Model, Susan the Gangster, Kene; our Amiable Host! Lol! SwaggerLee!!! …Talking about Hosts, hmmmnnn……..make iNo talk, bt…

*catch ur sub abeg*

To the models that didn’t show up, well…sorry, Next shoot is gonna be in VI or the Mainland, so be on the look out!

Let me Rant small…Now iwont say Festac shoot wasn’t successful o! Wait! Make iRephrase, festac was a Mad success!!! However it wasn’t what we planned! Bt trust boiz, we improvised! Thank God for that FiFa13 tho…it was worth it! Kene ya a G!
Bt the Point is, why do we give an event extensive planning, only for the plan to fail, but what we don’t plan for, Bt Respond to based on Instincts, we are successful at them! Y??? What manner of Principle is dis?

They kuku said Man Plans, and God laughs…am guessin he wz Laughin out loud then….

Let me show yaal how successful Abj was, we had this unplanned shoot, and this Awesome Photo was one of the results…Here’s Sharon Uanseru aka @Omoze_ in Today’s Photo of the Day!

Do comment, Enjoy! And Share….sound it! They r sleeping!

Moral of the Day: Make Plans, but don’t depend on them to always succeed! Be attentive to that unplanned opportunity. – WA #EjaNla




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