PHOTO of THE DaY !? !!

Been watching a couple of old movies for the past 24hrs now, please don’t judge its a Holiday, a Man’s gotta chill once in a while….spend time with ur love, Family, go to fellowship(Spiritual Week of emphasis) Yup! Ur Boi’s gotta his Gospel swag goin on… jokes, bt we all need Jesus! *putsOnHalo*

Talking about Halos, did yaal hear about Beyonce? I mean wah is all the fuzz about her short hair et yaal reacting? And some dudes b opening their mouth to lament too, oshi! Bt wen their GFs change hairstyles, dem no dey shout like dis o! Wateva!!!

Can this Nephew of mine just go to sleep n stop crying? Gosh! Kids can be annoyin attimes…*sigh* sleep u no sleep, na cry u dey cry….choi!

Oh! And yea..icut myself today with a knife while cutting onions, thanks for asking….no really…*sarcasticLook* U wee come n be reading POTD some of u wee eben ignore d post n just look at the foto only, God wee judge u! *sobs* …and nt for once, yaal ask how am doin? Or how is my health? Did icut myself today? No……? Really!? I Thought yaal cared!? Yu dirty Moda…..*censored* lol….am just kiddin…anybody watch Real Husbands of Hollywood? No? Choi!
How about Suits? Hehehe, isee eyebrows raising when iMention dt series, well am looking for ep2-4, abeg pls if u av, share with ur boi, as me ayam always ever willing to share a Photo with you guys daily!
Here’s ur daily Dose! Meet the Seductive @i_am_ChikkyChoc ahhh!!!! Eja Nla toh bad! If ur a fan of Lip-biting, she has a PhD in dt Department, its ChikkyChoc Binsh!!!! In Today’s Photo of the Day! Rraaahhh!!!

Since am in a nice mood, am gonna give yaal 2 Photos instead! So, Do comment, share, repost and ofcourse! U better Enjoy!

Moral of the Day: err….Ask how a friend is doing, that kind gesture might just make their day. Now, How are you Doing? – #WA #EjaNla



Tope Adegoke, Headshot,

Tope Adegoke, Headshot,


13 thoughts on “PHOTO of THE DaY !? !!

  1. How are you,tbh!! You’re awesome in this your work ohhh, hope the cut is ok and ehen I watch the real husbands of hollywood! I love Boris kodjoe,you should put a picture of him somtime lol!! I love the way the Colours ounce with strength! You’re gonna go places x

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