PHoTo oF ThE DAY !!?!

I really hate boring conversations, especially the ones that ping u at 1am in the morning n the first thing they say is ‘How are you’ like WTF au d F do u think am doing? Am tryna Sleep u dumb ass! Smh……

Btw my Greek Instructor is mean! Yup! I said it Christina! Mean! Mean!! Mean!!! U r mean! *sticksTongue*….bt mayn these pictures are taking forever to copy, and the post-production work justs keep piling up…arrggh!!! I wanto sleep abeg! *takesOffshorts*

***********Oya process it*************


Ladies sleep naked, so wats wrong in a guy sleeping without his boxers on, and mind u, ididnt say boxers, isaid shorts, meaning iStill av my boxers on……….see dem! Their imagination don go!

Girlfriends; Who here knows Dangote? Yup! Am someone like that Girlfriend, amma Chairman!

*sigh*… feeling sleepy, n who is watchin AfricanMagic at this time in this Sleep Endowed Moments…..


Kemi Adetiba dey write Script gon oo!!! Loving Bez‘s ‘say’ video, she sabi! Gosh! I Hate Checks! Why can’t ppl just do Bank Transfer, Rubbish! Monday morning queues in Banks are annoying!!! Its like the money has been scratching them since weekend! People!

Choi! Its Nigerian’s problem, everybody is chasing money….sad…InOtherNews am looking for a science lab, so if you know of how we can use one for a photoshoot, Please holla!

Oya Back to the Matter! Ladies n gentlement…(No don’t touch ur toes! Please this is nt a music video)…Its today’s POTD, yup! That means Photo of the Day!
And btw iRead somwhr dat staring at cleavage for 10minutes a day increases a Man’s speed, thinking, brightens his day, and increases his Productivity, so today, we are gonna av an experiement, and yaal will giv me the results in comments aii????
So av got ma girl Evan aka @Mo_Deva for this one! And Mayn! When u say small bt Mighty! This is a physical representation of that, Small fit body with a mighty Chest, lol…u know wah imean! Its Mo_Deva on her Debut in Today’s POTD!

Do comment, share, save the pics for later! Enjoy!

Moral of the Day: chase Success and Money will Chase you…– WA #EjaNla

Evan aka @Mo_Deva #WA

Evan aka @Mo_Deva #WA

@Mo_Deva #WAphotography, WA

@Mo_Deva #WAphotography, WA


11 thoughts on “PHoTo oF ThE DAY !!?!

  1. Oi fotos einai poli kales i deuteri marese para poli now if i was still ur teacher i would have told u what that means but i quit 😇 P.S im not mean gidi 😋

  2. LOL.. Errm.. Wale.. This is first time on your blog.. I’m a boobs person and this picture just got you a new fan… Nice Work bro.. *Yeah, I’m allowed to Famz right?*. And yh, one question.. Is Modeeva single? ^.^

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