Photo of the DAY !? !

Tonight! I bath with Hot water!!! That wasn’t relevant, bt I just felt like sharing…..well, ”Prosperity Overflow!!!” One of my fav Preachings by Jesse Duplantis!!! Another awesome Preacher that I would definately love to attend his church service is T.D Jakes! Yaal need to listen to the ‘Instinct of Increase’ a very powerful Message! I guarantee u, it will touch ur Life!!! Woaw!!!!

Praise Jesus somebody!!!!! Oh Yea! Bout to get ma gospel on! Told ya am a Christian Boi *putsHaloOnHead*

The Law of attraction is a powerful theory, its been described in some many ways to us at various points of our lives, remember when ur parents say; ‘birds of the same feather flock together’, ‘show me ur friends n I will tell u the kind of person u r’, ‘Who u r is who u will attract’ even the bible shares with us; ‘Iron sharpenth iron’….if u study ur Bible u wuld understand, bt d point is The type of people u surround urself with will eventually Rub on u! Whether positively or Negatively……bt I’ll talk about that when some of yaal are ready to listen.

Finally!!!! I got that Mafikizolo song ‘Khona’ hehehehe!!!! Ouuuuuwwwwwweeehhh!!!!!! Loool In Other Unimportant News! @EvaAlordiah’s Birthday is Here!!! Yup! My girl turns 18 again today! (August 13th!!) Happy Birthday Binsh!!! So we r going to her house to play PS4 (dts if she get PS sef) n eat barbecue!!! So hun! U better be ready!

And No! She’s nt gonna be on Photo Of the Day! -____- y??? Bcos y get a long tail n 2 branches ni, ask her, she knows Y she’s not on POTD, she dey owe me sef gaan, iMusto chop barbecue tire Today!!!

Lol….btw who knows where ican find Kilishi in Lagos? Need dt shii mayn! Apparently ididnt get some last time iwas in ABj, talking bout ABj, here’s Today’s Photo Of the Day! A shot of the Most Sexual, Erotic Writer ever!!! Oyin aka @ViXENPiXiE *winks!* Reading her blogposts r the shiiiiiiiiiiiii! Ah!! d wood is solid!!! Eja Nla! U already know! Lol…dt was so sexual!!!! Pls ooo!!! Na Joke o!

Btw, We actually got Oyin wet for this shot, and she was literally shivering… Wait, wait, wait, ididnt mean that kind of wet o! *mogbe* see wah iwas Sayin!! Oyin is too Erotic, u cant even talk bout her gettin wet for a ‘Wet t-shirt concept’ n it won’t sound sexual…ok! I give up! And Yes! Dts a ring in her mouth.


Looooool… just silly, am a Saint o!

Do feel free to Comment, share, tiff am as ur dp, use am do pic-story et Enjoy!

Moral of the Day: Who u r, determines Who u attract. Be urself! Be the OriginalWA #EjaNla

Vixenpixie et WA

Vixenpixie et WA


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