PHOTO of the DaY! ?!

I have a question, Do we always av to have a lot of money to av fun in Las Gidi!? Like seriously if fun is this Expensive, mayn!!! Shii aint fair…..crap!!! *Stepped on Dog poo* arrgghh!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the fact that we av 6 dogs in this house, azin! Wahs d point!!!! Dts 6 times the poo that will require clean-up everyday, no! No!! No!!! iKent mayn! I kust kent!

Wait! Y isn’t thr a Part 4 of Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’….abi did Micheal(Al Pacino) die? Gotta watch dt sequel again sef, Tonight!!!

*whew* Baby ifinished!!!! Can iCall u now? I know its 3am….bt iMiss u…..oh! Shuuts! That’s my thoughts….stop diggin in, mind ya bizness please! Need to make a CD for LNC, ahan! See rhymes na, I bad abi?! No? ……*sobs*

And iReally had faith in Lola Rae o!!! She just drop one hit Track with video, now she’s MiA for months, shucks!!!

Oh well!!! So now today am throwing a huge question out to guys, imagine ur gf lives with u in ur apartment, and u both had a fight last night, u got pissed about something she said, she threw a glass at u, u dodged, fell, n cut urself, out of anger, and being a cool, calm-headed guy dt u r, u ignored her and went to sleep, the next morning u wakeUp only to find dt ur the only one in bed, u bathed, dress up, looked for ur lucky scarf to get a touch of luck; dt u eventually couldn’t find, now u went to the kitchen to get a drink of ur Everyday Regular Cup of lipton Tea before u head out to work….and there she is!!! With a plot for u to forgive her, as she’s sitting by the dining table wearing dt ur Fav skimpy leopard Print sweater that she slim fitted to her size, and ur lucky scarf wrapped around her naked butt….as she pours hot water into ur Liptop…..

Then she asks: ‘Looking for me?’


That’s the Photo of the Day!!!!

Obviously! As a guy, u know ur going to work late that morning, bt the real question is: if Le GF asks for Forgiveness this way, Wuld u forgive her? Or not?

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Shoutout to @i_am_chikkyChoc for nailing this one for us in @SirTimmy’s kitchen, eja Nla!

Moral of the Day: Forgive and Forget, letting go is easier than holding… WA #EjaNla

wuld u forgive ur GF if she apologized this way?

wuld u forgive ur GF if she apologized this way?


13 thoughts on “PHOTO of the DaY! ?!

  1. she is a woman with pride who doesnt want to admit she went a lil too far last night…she is sorry so she is waiting for you with a cup of tea in the kitchen not sorry enough tho admit it…she knows u gonna look for that scarf of urs to wear at work which is ur fav so she does this puts ur fav thing around ur fav part on her so can u resist? All she things is…”it was a stupid argument no need to say anything just enjoy the view i ll be waiting for u when u come home” …I am just saying the pic can really inspire a story LoL

  2. Lmaooo. I will forgive her now and also forgive her in advance for other transgressions….and ofcourse send am email to my boss that I will be running late due to personal issues that came up impromtu.

  3. hmm chickkychock u gat it and the photographer gat the last shot. take it or leave it this might be the photo of the year

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