PhOTO Of the DaY !! ??

Its 5:35pm, sitting in this yellow bus, the glass is filthy, yes, glass, this can’t obviously be a window! iThought as ilook thru it! Oh wait! Look they r fighting again! One bros don beat d other bros toh sey ein shirt don tear, n we can all see his bare chest, my goodness! This man must be hungry, only hungry men fight in public like this, iassumed, shucks!!! Poor Lagosians, only God knows wah they did to piss him off….

‘In Jesus Name!!!’ Yelled a Passenger in the yellow bus, and a few other passengers said ‘Amen!’ ….and there we av it! That’s our Pastor for this ride…..*boom doom doom booom baragaga!!!* wat is dt sound? Everyone in the yellow bus turn their heads to the left….oh! Its a group of youngsters druming by the side of the road, looks like a small band….lol…Drum line Tinz!

*In Jesus perfect Name we Pray*….Amen!!! Oh! The lady wz still prayin….nw she is done, and she starts to Preach….gosh! I love the word, bt atm if ur nt TD Jakes or Jesse Duplantis, I wuld really like to listen to the sound of silence….Gerrit?

*sigh* one bros don dey doze already….in this noise? Seriously? With these young children hawking; ‘Yelling Co-pure water!! Co-pur Water!!!’ The honking of horns coming from every driver on the road….the okadas, doing their own symphony too…n the yellow bus’ crecking sound…added to our Pastor’s Loud voice, did iTell u she’s female? U can imagine her speaking at the top of Voice, how attention gettin it can be……*sigh* when will iget home? Why is my house so far? Who send me message? Who really cares?

***********sobs********* iKno u send, don’t lie to me…-___- No? …Pls goaan bungee from 3MB, iHear its Breath-taking. Gerrit? Shiucks! My butt hurts!

What is this chair made of? Metal rods? It doesn’t even av tush atal! Shior! *mtchhheeeew*

Talking about Tush, I saw all types of behinds today, it was amazing; ranging from butt, to booty, to yansh, all the way to Ass…hehehe! *ignore my choice of words* but awon idi kan wa mayn!!!!

Feck it!! I need to exercise!!! My 6 packs is missing 5, lol…wait! We av post Office on the mainland? Wow! *smh*….and our Pastor is still preaching, choi!!! Pls I need to talk to som1 on BBM, brb…..

******am currently chattin on BBM******

Omg!! Someone just approached my windows, he said he is in Need of fare…..jeez!!! Dt was scary, ithought e was gonna steal my fone…..*driver please move o!* before iGet robbed, No! I didn’t yell dt out, it waz a thought…..*staring outside the bus* …See these Mannequins na, see Model pose of life!!! ah!! See akara n bunz, ah!!!! iwant…*sobs* bt ikent, iav to keep my cool, hian! Bcos am wearing native, hian!!! B4 these niggas start judgin, nt like iCare, bt….Really, iDont if only iwas that hungry, bt naaa….iwould rather go for gala….the ultimate Traffic snack! Loooool….Gala is d Shiii!!! D company owner must be stickingly Rich!

*re-adjusts sitting position* choi! This moi moi Life so….lol, like my architect friend Emmanuel wuld say, Happy Birthday btw bruv!

If u avnt experience any of these scenarios that iexperience today, ur nt a Lagosians…shikena!

Aboki no fit claim Lagosian sef! InotherNews, talking about their women, iMet the Prettiest Malo ever!!! Here is Rasheedah in today’s Photo of the Day! Enjoy! Comment n share!

Moral of the day: tryout something New, Different! Live life to the fullest! Like everyday was ur last! Enjoy! WA #EjaNla

Rasheeda #WAphotography

Rasheeda #WAphotography


3 thoughts on “PhOTO Of the DaY !! ??

  1. Was enjoying the story before u just ended it like that lol…Rasheeda is fine sha..see her nice teeth make she apply to advertise 4 close up nao lol

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