Photo Of the Day !!? !

i kno, i kno, inconsistency na problem, but chill….atleast you checked the blog today, and you saw this, so be excited!!!

In Other News, Whats New? tell me about you, whats new with you? Did you buy a new shoe, clothes, go grocery shopping, (hmmmnn….see as i use oyinbo for ther) lol…What have you been up to all week? and What are you planning for the Weekend? Friday is already here!!! TGiF!!!! iMusto Groove Utunu!!!!

Oh! i should prolly go play basketball this saturday tho… if i can find peepz that wuld come out with me….sigh, Days like this make me miss me gidi, oh well…

So i think am gonna make a list of the things or people i miss, aii….are yaal with me? ok legoo

– I miss Lagos thats for sure, dont ask whr i am, but ireally, imiss the traffic, the gala hawkers, the lacasera hawkers, superYogo, hopping on a bus from ikeja to sango ota!! hahaha! am razz ikno, blame my Nature! 

– I miss driving my Ford Taurus, yup! even tho, that car can like to fcuk up once in a while, like that night we(@47tweets, @groovymeg, @elfizconcept and Java) went to pick up Hawt chics at Lekki Phase one, only for my Ignition to give up on us, choi!!!! Feck up! and these 3 hotties were already in the car, actually 4 hawties, @groovymeg inclusive, looool Thank God Java brought his ride too, and u can always trust Gidi Cabs na, hehehe, always cheap at night! lool….I miss that

– I miss My Goons!!!! The Real Gs(@lilmissfly, @sniper_ajix n @47tweets) we are the most cray set of people ever!!! We can drive from VI to ikeja at 10pm just to go and eat Sharwama, loool….we can be useless attimes!!! loool, i miss that, and one time we went to KFC, ate a bucket of chicken for 4 hours…….let me allow you to process that!!!

…………………..this is you proccessing………*%&$&_!_@_%(…………………….

bwuhahaha, 4 hours?!? like really? Bt really we arent that slow in eating, but half the time we were just laughing, lafta heals!!! aint nothing like it, Find friends that make you laff all the time, then you found friends for Life!!

Damn!! you should quote that!!! Eja Nla!!!!

– I miss shooting in Lagos! i am neva stuck in Lagos traffic if i am having a photoshoot, always on the opposing side of traffic, its so cool!!! GidiSmart! street Credibility toh bad!!!

***sigh*** iwanna go home, really, i really dont like it here that much, hustling here is almost impossible, i wanna go home! LasGidi is calling me…..oh! yea! i can almost hear it!

Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!!! WAiT!!!!

Sheeettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idont have a Recent Photo of LasGidi, sorry, there’s no connection btw Today’s Photo and the Post, am sorry…, am kidding, thats the Eko Bridge, leading to the mainland, from VI…. if you dont take that, then you kno ur going thru 3MB then, loool…Love 3MB btw, i finish it in 6 minutes, as a bad guy!!! with that my Ford Taurus kuku nor ni, lool….Enjoy!



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WA #EjaNla

Moral of the Day:  If you Find friends that make you laugh all the time, then you found friends for Life!!!WA #EjaNla


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