Photo of the Day! – Impostor Alert

So the rumours are indeed true, there is a criminal on KIK using the name: Wale Adenuga to scam models for nudes photos for a Photojournalism competition where the photographer and the model win $25,000 each, and it is been held in Durban South Africa, Jesu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jehovah!

Its a Lie ooooo!!!! please i beg of you, if you get contacted by this fellow on KIK, please denounce them!!! they are criminals out to destroy a credible name! same thing also happened to a fellow Photographer, (Obi Somto) and they used the same KIK approach, Please i say to you all, Wale Adenuga doesnt have a KIK account, there is no Photojournalism or Model competition in Durban, South-Africa, there is no $25,ooo cash price, We will never ask you to send your photos via KIK, whether nude or not, our official contact info in regards to Photography or Modelling are as follows:

Wale Adenuga
Website: (under re-construction)
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Instagram: @waleadenuga
Instagram: @wa_studio (former acct: WA_studioz)

Olumide Olajide(47)
Manager/Model Manager

WA Modelling Agency
Instagram: WA_models

BB_WA_Impostor Alert

We Dont Have a KIK acct, its an Impostor, he/she will try to trick you, just like they tried to trick this Model. If there’s a competition giving out a ton of cash, always ask for the website, contact details, always find out for yourself what the real deal is, so you can avoid scams like this.

impostor! this is not Wale Adenuga, WA doesnt have a KIK acct

impostor! this is not Wale Adenuga, WA doesnt have a KIK acct

impostor! this is not Wale Adenuga, WA doesnt have a KIK acct

Sadly, some models have fallen for this Scam, and now this so called person is demanding cash, else their nude photos will be released on social networks, total Blackmail. Please avoid any Wale Adenuga on KIK, it is a Scam! It is not me!

Thanks to Pearl. Chuks for the munch.

Morale of the Day: Be Alert at all times, there’s always someone out for your downfall, Do your research – WA #EjaNla


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