Photo of the Day!?

I never liked coffee, istill don’t….tea either, well, if its cold then thats fine. I wonder if He thinks there’s food in the kitchen, I mean; I open the fridge, stare at the yellow light shining from the corner………………….. here I am fading out again….my mind is somewhere else, I haven’t left the house in 2days, I needed Vitamin D or whatever vitamins you get from standing in the sun…I get easily distracted these days, iNeed to focus mayn! Gosh! I need to shave, nothing grows faster than my mustache…

This is suffocating, I need to breathe in natural air, pure oxygen from Nature,  why am I here, or is it hear? Do u hear what I am saying? Its 12 days to New Year, actually, its 11…. When is Xmas again? what day is it? Why is it so bright at the corner!!! Where is that light coming from? 

Oh! Yes, the fridge! Its completely empty, somehow, after spending a quarter of an hour digging through it, I finally find something to eat, usually water n plantain chips related…can u really call that food? This is confusing….I should be getting way hungrier, I barely eat, should be able to eat a whole elephant or a horse, as they commonly say, bt I never get that hungry…talking about elephants, I saw two huge elephants on campus the other day, not that I felt like eating them, seriously? a whole elephant?! cmon!

It was the Elephant Walk day, and I was on my way to class, and viola! I spotted 2 Elephants performing stunts! Such an Audience they had! Everyone was taking their photo, they were celebrities! Atleast No one is going to try to steal their identity… Check em out! Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day! The Elephant Stunt! Lol.

The Elephant's stunt

The Elephant’s stunt

Do comment, Enjoy! And Share.  Eja Nla

Moral of the Day: Go outside! expose your skin to the sun, you just might see an Elephant! *raisesEyebrow* – WA #EjaNla


9 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!?

  1. Lool, I get usually hungry too and confused on what to eat…besides, this xmas is kinda dry…stay strong on the kik issue, dear…it will be over in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your day

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