Photo of the Day! – Wedding Sneak Peek

I met Zinat on my birthday in the summer of 2009 in Houston Texas, a friend of mine had invited her over, well…not like i was having a party or anything, they kinda showed up, and she came with her best friend, Onyema, they stayed for a while, we chatted about irrevelant things…because to be honest, i have no memory of the discussion,  but oh well…that day went by, my cousin took me out, we went shopping, bla bla bla…..this is not why we are here, years passed by  and i remained friends with Zinat, and Onyema too(Me and Onyema can talk like forever!!!), and one day(April 9, 2013, just saying, not like i keep dates in my head, puleeeaassse)  during one of our witty phone chats, Zinat invited me to dinner…………………..calm down!!! It wasnt a date ooo!!!!! See yaal getting all interested! *hian* Zinat wanted me to meet Waheed, her fiancee (now Husband!) it was kinda like a group couples dinner, looool…………. ahswear! Let me do a recap of how she invited me.

Zinat says: ” So i’m having dinner with a few friends on saturday evening, would love for you to come :)” (Yes, she added a smiley) Then she goes on an adds “Onyema will be there,” “and u can meet Waheed”  loool……. did yaal see the setup? lol….i Obliged, as a gentleman, (Onyema is my close friend oooooo!!!!) We had dinner at Turquoise Grill & Bar in Sugarland, quite cossy place….and oh! Yes!! Waheed, I met Waheed for the first time, and i gotta say, he’s a sure Boy, dazaal, NoHomo, lol. Waheed & Zi were the perfect couple, in my opinon they were fun to hang-out with, they made jokes constantly, they were more than just a couple, they understood each other, they were true friends…..aahhhh….all this ‘they were’ making me all musshy musshy……lol, back to the point….Months later, i received the invitation! Zi was getting married!!! I was excited because it was sure that i would be at the wedding, hehe, taking pictures ofcourse!!! Zinat & Waheed launched my Wedding Portfolio this year! A Big thank you to them for giving me this wonderful Opportunity! Have a blessed Union Zi & Waheed. First Wedding of the Year! Yup! the very first Saturday of the Year too!!!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Wedding Photos in Today’s Photo of the Day! ; Meet the Bride! Shoutout to all the Early Brides of 2014!!! I love this! Dont u?

Meet the Bride: Zinat

Meet the Bride!

Morale of the Day:  start the year with something big! it will lay a solid foundation for the rest of the days- #WA #EjaNla


7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day! – Wedding Sneak Peek

  1. This is a wow peek! I’m sure Zinat cannot imagine the smile on her face,So natural,So Original, and So beautiful. Thumbs up

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