Photo of the Day! #TuesdayBoozeDay

TuesdayBoozeDay they called it, who ever came up with that #hashtag i mean, i get #transformationTuesday #TakeMebackTuesday those are cool, and actually make sense, but #TuesdayBoozeDay to me is just ridiculous!! uunaaameeaann!!! cmon! the week just started! Dont u have anything important to do? your workload transferred from Monday maybe? (even though yesterday was MLK day and most of yaal probably didnt go to work, but cmon!)  You dont think you can save the world on a tuesday? Make babies perhaps? No?! lol…… kidding!
But seriously! Tuesday is a special Day, ahhmeean its the day after monday, thats an established fact, but ermmm……..its not that much of a fun day to go drinking! whatever happened to Friday? yea! where you can drink all you want and not have to worry about whats going to happen the next morning, unless you have a saturday job, and then, that just sucks for you, because i guarantee ya, ur going to have a hang Over, especially if you drink with strangers and one friend, who’s job is to just get you home safe…lol….and No i am not speaking from experience! waahhtt!!! oh! Pulease!! am a social drinker, i drink only coca cola, *wink* *wink*

hahahahaha, ignore my embevelent(i just coined that, dont worry, the word doesnt exist, but it sounds pretty cool, lol) rants, because like it or not #TuesdayBoozeDay is becoming a thing, so here’s my contribution. Buy a Bottle, but please! Don’t drink it alooonnneee! (alone), no body likes a lonely drinker, its depressing! lol. Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day! Enjoy!

Which would you prefer to drink, beer or Real Alcohol(whiskey, brandy, gin)?





For more rants by yours truly, be here tomorrow! bye! *burps*

Morale of the Day: Whatever job it is you enjoy doing, keep at it!…your value won’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worthWA #EjaNla (-Zig(remixed))


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