Somto + Nnamdi #WeddingSneakpeek #PhotoOfTheDay

Have you guys listened to Timi Dakolo’s ‘iyawo mi’ ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me quote some of the lyrics for yaal!
“So I promise u forever and for always…Girl u r my sunshine!!! Baby don’t u go away! Iyawo mi!!!! Ololufe mi!!! ore mi! Alayo mi!! I will love you forever!!!” – *inTimi Dakolo’sVoice*

ahh!!! that man be giving men goosebumps, choi!! making men visit the ‘wedding jewelry store’ mayn!!!! @TimiDakolo u r singin this song at my wedding!!!! Dang!! that man can sing!

*************Back to why we are here*******************

So just because i am nice, and its Valentine’s Day, and my poetist Friend of Life! aka Somto just got married!!! to the Gentleman of Lauife!! aka Nnamdi Ihenacho!!! ehen!!! see the power in that last name now, haha, here’s a Sneak Peek from their Wedding Photos in Atlanta.

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography

More Coming Soon!!!! Be on the Look out!

And on that Note, since its the Day of Love, as they say…in my opinion Valentine is overrated, but hian!! what does EjaNla know, loool. Here’s a Valentine Photo for yaal!!! #CalendarPOTD

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography #CalendarPOTD

Somto + Nnamdi #WAphotography #CalendarPOTD

Morale of the Day: The Best Pre-Valentine’s Day Gift Ever?! A wedding proposal!!! Best Wedding Gift Ever?? Awesome Wedding Photos by Wale Adenuga Photography!!! So true! – #WA #EjaNla


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