Photo of the Day!

Happy New Year!!!!

Okay lets try that again…Happy New Year!!!! At least January isn’t over yet…so the year is still new, oh please!!!

Happy MLK day! Is that how we say it?
*dustsCubwebsOffBlog* its been so long since I posted anything here…such laziness….I promise to work more on this, *noteToSelf*

The other day 47 aka @47tweets told me he was alarmed that WA photography social networks, Facebook still got likes… Even though we had no activity. Weird right? Shout out to the fans out there.
We have a reason for that, it because we are branching out, yes! We are branching out into animation feature and films, and yes we have the skills for it too, just ask!
So here’s one to branching out! Today’s Photo of the day! We branching out!


Morale of the Day: I think patience is truly a virtue, a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to brag about all that I have learnt till date, more to come… Be patient! – WA #EjaNla


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