Photo of the day!

So I haven’t seen Troy, not that its of any relevance to today’s Photo of the day…just thought I’d share…lol.
I spent three hours today in the library, yes!
3 hours… Searching for one book, that only has one print copy, lucky I had my camera with me, so I went shooting as I got bored of searching, and viola!!! These imagery on books were created!
Here’s today’s Photo of the day! Enjoy!



And at some 3 hrs after, I found the book! Just laying there like it wasn’t hiding…in the dark corners. Digital Lighting & Rendering by Jeremy Birn, oh yes! Remember when I told you we branched out to animation? Yup, we studying for this too, we mean business!


Morale of the day: Patience is a virtue, three hours is not too long –WA #EjaNla


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