Photo of the Day!

So, you are probably wondering why I have brought back “Photo of the day” after such a very ‘short’ break.(i’m beng sarcastic. Lol.)

I’ll tell you why. I have been gone for a while beacuse competition became the norm. Photographers were springing out of Lagos, right, left and center. Soon, even your favorite clients were bound to forget you, because the new guy is doing the exact same thing you are doing and he/she is now a competition. Me, I don’t believe in competition, so I broke myself out. Let me share a little knowledge that finally resonated with me a couple of days ago. Don’t worry. There’s a POTD waiting for you at the end.

Competition is unhealthy, and monopoly is greedy. Would you even care to know which is most favourable?

All that matters is winning with the condition that you alone stay on top right?
Winning is important, yes! But, you can’t really assume you are going to stand on top alone for too long. There’s always someone that wants what you have, and they believe you don’t deserve to have it. Say hello to the Competition.
See in this scenario, the competition doesn’t care to be better than you, it only cares to be as good as you. This is common in big corporations like banks for example. Bank X says we now have mobile apps for online transactions, that does bla bla bla. Bank Y(the competition) goes, “oh that’s a good idea, we can do that too, Let’s just copy what they have!” Bad idea! Why? Because, Bank Y will probably never be better than bank X because they will end up stuck playing catch up.
Now, you probably think, oh there’s nothing bad about copying, companies do it all the time, if it worked for X then Y can copy and do the same.
Consider a scenario where X dictates when new ideas or technology is introduced to the market. As a matter of fact, ‘X’ companies, for monetary reasons can choose to manipulate when and how technology is released to the market. Greedy right? No! Its called mono….wait for it.

Whether the technology is pure garbage or of value is not important to Y. Quite frankly, Y is only out to get what X has. So indirectly X is leading the market. Say hello to your Monopolist.
Competition is unhealthy, and monopoly is manipulating. Choose your poison wisely.


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