Photo of the day

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a plane to New York, and no this wasn’t work related. I felt like I needed a holiday. Maybe, meet someone new, have an hour conversation, and never see them again. 😐 

I know, it sounds ridiculous, and yes it seems rather expensive to fly just so you can have a conversation with a total stranger. But you’ld never know who you’ld meet on a plane. That’s the mistery. 

You may come across some of the nicest, open-minded, and interesting folks on a plane. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some nice folks in all of my flying this year. But that wasn’t the case this time. I almost had half a dozen plane trips streak of sitting next to nice folks that were so fun to talk to!

Until I was stuck with a jackass in the seat ahead of me who wouldn’t move his seat into rest position during landing, takeoff and in flight. It was the most uncomfortable trip ever! I wasn’t even interested in a conversation with the stranger next to me. Imagine!

On that trip, I learnt to be patient, even after asking the dude to move his seat a bit forward nicely, he still chose to be a jackass! And this was a 3-hours flights. Oh boy! 3 hours on a plane never felt so long. Anger did that to me. I was this–>👌 close to knocking is head the whole time. In his defense, he had one valid arguement. He said to me “why didn’t you pay for first class!?” *in his horrible accent* That pissed me off! So I said: “why can’t you be nice? Jackass!” 

Lol. Boy I was mad!

Now I see a justifiable reason to fly first class😒 My last trip wasn’t that fun, but at least, I got the window seat. 😁

One of the reasons I enjoying flying. I get to site-see from clouds above. Here’s your photo for today!


Taken on an android phone.😛


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