Photo of the day

Sitting on my toilet seat, on this Blissful sunday afternoon. I pondered.

I pondered for 4 minutes, 12 minutes, half an hour, not a single thought came to mind. Still I pondered.

I lurked around for inspiration on social media, scrolling up continuously. Its been an hour and yet not a single thought has come to mind.

Early, this morning, more like 1am, I pushed my slightly bored mind to creativeness to the point that I felt a striking awe. I picked up a furniture magazine, scrolling through looking for something interesting.

At last, I spotted a photo of miniature wooden reindeers in crisp focus, perfectly laid on a cutting board, with a plate, a white door, a spruce tree with ornaments and flowers positioned in the background kept out of focus creating that beautiful bokeh we all love. I thought, this is beautiful, so I decided to recreate this, in 3D. By 3am. I had recreated something similar, an unfinished result, but I felt an awe! Achievement! Victory! I created something! So I celebrated by sharing the image with a few friends, actually, it was 42mb video that I shared to them via Whatsapp. Lol.

I wanted to create, I love 3D! Just as much as photography. My burning desire to create gives me sleeplessness and deprives me of food, sometimes. Its like a cancer, bright as the sun infecting the skies and clouds with its raging fire! What a desire!

So here I was. On this toilet seat, waiting to be struck by this same burning desire again. To write something entertaining or creative for you to read. To tell a story. I shed a tear.( I really don’t know why). At last, I wrote something, something from the heart.

My burning desire!

Here’s today’s photo of the day! Sunset at Santa Monica on fire!



One thought on “Photo of the day

  1. 1 hour on the toilet seat, were you finally able to drop a deuce? Hehehe

    Vibrant pic, hope your desire continues to burn with the blaze of the Santa Monica sky

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