Photo of the day!

I’ve come to discover that hunger and creativity don’t go so well together.
So, I’m going to pause on writing this blog post, and return once the belly of the beast has been fed. (don’t know why I said that)
******insert long pause here******
Yes, I actually went to get food. So, where were we?

Oh! Aha, am I the only one who prefers to buy unripe plantains and store it till it is just ripe for frying? So I can devour it fresh? Hehehehe, that sounded so wrong.

I learnt a lot this week, I’ll share some of the things I thought were rather interesting.

First, avoid having a conversation with someone who’s angry and driving. You can’t convince them that they are going too fast. Just ask them if they plan to fly the car

Siblings will always be siblings, do right by their eye, learn from your own mistakes, advise them with maturity, treat them like a sibling, not your child and let them live. They will always call on you first when they are in trouble.

 When you meet a stranger, don’t share bright ideas with them so easily. It might make you seem smart, but you could also pass of as proud, pompous or just a plain mumu. I mean, why would you be sharing your well thought money-making ideas with a stranger? Next thing you know, the product is already released in China. Lol. But then again, you never know, sharing an idea may lead to its realization. Just be wise.

****insert pause here****

While I go eat dinner.

***Returns two days later to continue post***

So now my motivation is out the window. Someone just drained all the energy in me today. My brains hurts, I need to recuperate.

While I go do that, here is today’s Photo of the day! The Video vixen of life.

Video vixen: Blaire


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