Photo of the day

Take a seat while you read this one, because today, we are gonna talk about people disrespecting talented artist📝

This morning (my time), I had a discussion with my Buddy/real G @sniper_ajix about a post I shared on twitter. Let me quote it. I tweeted:

Keep the sauce to yourself. It’s a secret. Don’t let these jokers belittle your talent because they know the tools of the trade.🔑”

I took a screenshot and posted it on my BBM profile photo. If you don’t know what BBM is. That’s a long okay, it’s not. It’s just Blackberry’s messenger.

In a few seconds, Aji(@sniper_ajix) pinged me saying: “shalaye“. I sey make e read am again. (Aji asked what I meant, I told him to read it again).(pidgin is sweet!)

So I said to him, let me give you an example. Here’s how our convo went:

Aji: Oya explain yourself

WA: Read am again

Aji: Shalayee joor

WA: Lol

WA: Example, everybody feel sey because dem get camera and dem get instagram, they ‘can’ be a photographer. Hence why I broke out into animation production. We(the photographers) let the photography sauce out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Its disgusting how Naija is so saturated with this bullshit. We let the sauce out. Now the talented ones are being belittled, because some random guys picked up a camera, copied some basic photo ideas, went out and took similar. Now they think they know the sauce…

WA: None of these folks have a style, they just copy, and think its swag, no! You are ruining a profession. But who am I to judge. Blame it on technology, and accessibility to ready social media platforms like Instagram and co

Aji: I kuku got you

Aji: I was discussing with Asiko(London-based art Photographer) some days ago. This same discussion line.

I told him… “We can’t stop being awesome because some lucky idiots think they are the shit, when it’s time to explain what you did to get what you got, the real will be known from the fakes

WA: I tell you, you will be amazed!

WA: I have given up on all these IG posts with these filters. Especially when you send someone a photo and then they apply a filter😂

That one kills me.

Aji: You only have a right to put filter on my picture if you paid me to take it

Aji: If not I’m having your head 😂

WA:  Bwuhahahahaha. True that

Aji: Lol… one model that begged for picture one time filtered it

Aji: Sent a message straight! I didn’t shoot that picture please remove my logo or pull the post down

WA: Bwuhahahaaa. Awon alakoba

Aji: Lol. Abi

WA: Yeso. Ahhh. Mayn, this hustle gats turn into a respected profession yo

WA: Too much disrespect on these streets

Aji: Gbabe mehn. Too much disrespect

******end of chat*****

So you see, too much disrespect. Well, I got a new sauce now, and I’m keeping that sh*t a secret till further notice. 🙍

Here’s today’s Photo of the day. The sauce!




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