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I’ve always wondered why Parents, particularly mothers, advise their male sons to marry a lady that is 10 years or younger.

Back when I was 25 when this discussion came up, my comeback was, Ahan naa. That’s child abuse naa, how will I marry a 15-year-old. And each year I grew older, the conversation came up again and again. So they (mothers) changed it to 8 years or more. Now that I am reaching that 30s. I can’t use it as a come back any more.😑😤

So I got me thinking, why do parents(mothers) keep saying marry a girl that is much younger than you are?


I figured it out. I’m not saying this is an actual science, it’s not. This is just an idea.

You’ve probably heard the saying that girls mature at a younger age compared to boys, and this is a science. There’s research out there to prove that. Girls are usually hit with adulthood responsibilities at a tender age. Puberty, growth in particular parts of the body, the whole shebang that sort of “forces” girls to become aware and act or behave like an adult. This is one scenario, there’s also mental growth et al.

So you have cases where an 18-year-old girl is more matured than a 22-year-old. I don’t mean to belittle the boys either, they do catch up in maturity. Once a boy becomes a man, in most cases, it’s like the child in them has been murdered. Gone! Like the child never existed. Men are taught to not cry, not show emotion and be a man. We become money chasers, we chase success as though failing belittled you as a man. We avoid taking risks that have a chance of failure. I have to pay that bill, this bill, that tuition, that brand new car(that you probably don’t need), this, that and those. Success! Success!! Success!!! Be a man!

But we forget to be a child. Like we once were.

See, a child will always take a chance at anything. It doesn’t matter to a child what the risk or the odds are if they don’t know, they’ll have a go.

So I managed to reconnect this child like behavior to girls. Younger girls are matured but most importantly they are still young. Adulthood hits girls at a young age. So when they get matured and are of age, they want to feel, and act childlike. This is not generally the case. But it’s common.

Maybe, just maybe fellas, your mother asking you to marry a younger lady is with the hope that she might bring out the child-like behavior in you.

To make you have a go at anything without the societally imposed norms. Maybe, maybe I am wrong.

This isn’t science. 😀

Here’s today’s Photo of the day. Our WCW crush! Happy Holidays!



Too much sauce #WCW



2 thoughts on “Photo of the day

  1. I think that we can’t make such an assumption that most mothers want their sons to marry ladies who are 10 years younger. That’s almost akin to saying mothers expect their daughters to marry men who are 10 years older. And if that is the case, the question then becomes why? Is it so the girl can have a daddy figure? Did she have daddy issues growing up?
    Forgive me for digressing. When I said I wouldn’t be quick to assume that most mothers want their sons to marry much younger ladies, I said so because this is the first I am hearing of such.
    Be that as it may, such an expectation for a mother could be for an entirely different reason. Consider the cultural angle to this. Most of our parents married at a time where societal or business ties were the foundations of marriages. So people were married off for a multitude of reasons, very few of which included love. And in most cases, the men married much younger women because they were homely, obedient and respectful. It could be that mothers regard younger girls in the same light. That the younger a lady is, the less exposed she is and the more subservient she would be. As opposed to the older ones that are presumed to be self-sufficient and less malleable.
    I’d find that more plausible than the idea that they are looking for someone to bring out the child in their son. But I could be wrong 🙂

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