Photo of the Day?!!

Lets go strait to the Point, av got a Video Shoot to Cover today(Kennis Music’s Sledge; Bouncer Video), and a Lot of Locations i Need to survey, so amma make this quick!


Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!!!!! —————————->






Ahan! Wait na!!! u think sey iNo go Add drama for this Post ni!? Ifaye!!!!! Lets make it more Dramatic jor!!! Today’s Photo of the Day features one of WA model’s Finest Models aka Oby; wiv a CV building higher than an iroko tree, (iDont even kno the height range of one, but e go sha long! *rollsEyes*) ranging from Videos wiv HyperTek, M_Music, to On stage Performances with TerryG,and many more artistes that iCant remember their names right now..iMean Big Artists o!!!! *Dont Dull* Oby is a Dynamite Model!! Here She is in the WA model Official Photoshoot; theme titled: The Mechanic! Do Enjoy!


Do Remember to follow @obyloretta thats her official handle, and  Do follow @WA_studioz and @waleadenuga for more Posts on Photo of the Day! and for more info on the WA Photography Training on “How to be A Good Photographer; Photography 101…..coming soon! Odabo!


6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day?!!

  1. The only thing cute about this picture is the “WALE ADENUGA PHOTOGRAPHY Imprint” heheheheehe just joking! Ff my blog for Berra comments 😀

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